One Voice for Children and Youth

Create a global movement for children.

We seek to channel the expertise, passion and creativity of grassroots leaders into a unified voice to influence policymakers and redirect funding to reach the world's most marginalized children and youth.

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Our Mission

One Voice for Children and Youth is an independent advocacy organization building a global network of community-based organizations (CBOs) addressing the unique needs of vulnerable children worldwide.

We seek to elevate the voices of grassroots leaders in order to educate and influence policy makers and donors to change the policy and funding systems that impact marginalized children worldwide.

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Why now

It is time to build a global movement for the world's vulnerable children.

Children remain without an independent advocate. Major NGOs cannot speak critically of foreign or domestic policies affecting children because they depend on public funding - they are not independent. Single-issue organizations cannot voice the complexities that impact a single child - they are not holistic. Efforts that address comprehensive needs tend to work on a small scale - they are not global. Efforts with a global reach work within a top-down paradigm removed from local realities - they are not grassroots.

As an independent advocacy organization funded through private philanthropy, broad in scope but lean in structure, One Voice will bring together disparate local efforts to become a unified voice for children.


Join the Movement

One Voice plans to launch in 2020. We are currently building our network of grassroots leaders dedicated to serving children worldwide. We envision a group of four to five funding partners providing foundational support to sustain our operations as we incubate, build and strengthen our platform and grow our global network.


Join our network

We are looking for innovative grassroots leaders to join our initial cohort and participate in a collaborative incubation period as we build our platform.

invest in our movement

We are seeking a collaborative group of funders to join us in a five year commitment to our growth.